Special Note – Due to COVID restrictions, in person and concierge services are limited.  Contact Kimberly for more information.

Although based in Tampa Bay, individual or couples therapy sessions can be conducted in a variety of formats in both Florida and Wisconsin.

Military discounts available.

In Office

50 min / 90 min

(Florida and Wisconsin)

50 min / 90 min

In Home* - Marriage and Relationship Therapy
(Tampa Metro only)

For those couples who prefer the convenience of in-home therapy due to constraints and preference.
*$100 will be added to hourly rate
50 min / 90 min


For individuals, couples and groups desiring a concentrated and experiential approach to building intimacy with ourselves, our spouse and God, Kimberly has a limited number of weekends available for 2-day sessions and can help you arrange an experiential retreat on the relaxing Gulf Coast of Florida. Price and hours based on need assessment. Ideal for friends, couples and groups from outside the state or area who may want to book an Experiential Therapeutic Get-Away.