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Sex Therapy

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Sexual difficulties for both men, women and marriages can be complex and shaming.  Because of this Kimberly takes a compassionate non-judgemental approach to helping her clients understand and work through their sexual issues.   

common questions about Sex Therapy

A clinician calling themselves a certified sex therapist, versus a counselor performing sex therapy, will have a higher level of training, beyond basic human sexuality, and will have met the training, supervision and number of hours needed to be considered certified by the certification granting body. In fact Florida is the only state in the US requiring sex therapists be certified in order to be able to market and practice as a Sex Therapist.

The difference in seeing a sex therapist versus a general practitioner for sexual problems has been compared to going to a gynecologist, instead of a general practitioner, for a gynecological problems. Since Certified Sex therapists tend to have greater than average knowledge about the physiological processes that are a part of human sexuality, they may be better suited to address sexual problems.  They also trained to work together with medical professionals; physicians, pelvic floor therapists or endocrinologists, in order to address the entirety of the causes of sexual concerns.

One thing that sets apart sex therapy, from traditional therapy, is the need to gather some form of a sexual history.  Kimberly is committed to clients working at their own pace, as a sexual history can elicit feelings of shame and embarrassment.  Keeping a focus on the client’s goal for therapy, she gently dialogues with her clients unearthing their stories. She then works to develop of theory of what may contribute to the sexual issue and will provide the education, coaching or referrals necessary to help lead the client to their goal.

There are a variety of issues that can be a addressed by a Certified Sex Therapist.  Below are some examples: 

  • Low sexual desire, or conflict over different desire levels 
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Sexual Communication 
  • Premature ejaculation 
  • Inability to orgasm 
  • Vaginismus 
  • Female sexual pain 
  • Sexual addiction or compulsivity 
  • Past sexual abuse 
  • Unwanted sexual behaviors

If you have a sexual concern that is not listed above, please feel contact Kimberly. 

  • Completed 150 hours of graduate level sex therapy education 
  • Completed 200 hours of supervised practice as a sex therapist and 50 hours of sex therapy supervision 
  • Certified as a Clinical Member of the American Board of Christian Sex Therapy in 2013
Whether or not you, or your spouse, feel ready to start sex therapy, you can still get started.  Kimberly is trained to start working with you wherever you are at, helping you to feel comfortable and providing the education you may need to help get you ready.  Get started today by filling out the comprehensive contact form.