woman praying, Spiritual Integration, Marriage and Sex Therapy, FL, WI

Spiritual Integration

Assisting Those in Florida & Wisconsin

Clients who adhere strongly and passionately to their faith as Christians, believe that both marriage and sexuality are sacred.  Because of the sacred nature of both, clients want to trust that the therapy they receive is informed by the same set of values.  As a spiritual integrationist, Kimberly has been trained in how to uphold and celebrate the boundaries that keep marriage and sexuality sacred.  Through this lens, Kimberly will use Biblical principles and spiritual practices in therapy to the degree desired by her clients.   

Due to her specialized training Kimberly is also sought after by people of other religious or spiritual traditions to provide a framework for value-based, and/our soul concerned, sex and marriage therapy.

Sexual & Gender Identity / Spiritual Integration

Kimberly has been trained to help individuals explore their sexual and gender identities from both a clinical and spiritual perspective. She also walks alongside their spouses and families as they experience their own confusion and questioning.  Through her training in Sexual Identity Synthesis and Gender Identity formation,  Kimberly provides education, comfort and compassion to assist those affected, while helping them make sense of how spirituality fits in for them. 

  • Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Richmont Graduate University, a program integrating Christian faith with Counselor Education 
  • Seminary coursework – Theodicy, Biblical Counseling and Hermeneutics 
  • Graduate training in Sexual Identity Synthesis (Dr. Mark Yarhouse) – exploring sexual and gender identity from a faith-perspective
Whether or not you, or your spouse, are willing participants in therapy, you can still get started.  Kimberly is trained to help you starting working on your goals today.  Get started today by filling out the comprehensive contact form.

Do not despair, thinking that you cannot change yourself after so many years. Simply enter into the presence of Jesus as you are and ask him to give you a fearless heart where he can be with you. You cannot make yourself different. Jesus came to give you a new heart, a new spirit, a new mind, and a new body. Let him transform you by his love and so enable you to receive his affection in your whole being.

Henri Nouwen, Lent and Easter Wisdom (2005)