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Marriage & Relationship Therapy

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Most couples will wait at least 6 years before seeking help for their marital problems with the idea that unless it’s broke don’t fix it. Many wait until separation or divorce is discussed before coming into therapy for the first time.  Whether being proactive or reactive, most couples see Kimberly for help with communication and to improve emotional and sexual intimacy in their marriage.  Other issues addressed include anger, avoidance, or general tips on how to increase marital satisfaction in a variety of areas. 

common questions about Marriage & Relationship Therapy

There is no one way to help marriages be successful. There are many different therapists using many different types of theories trying to help couples build a satisfying marriage and improve relationships.  A Marriage & Family Therapist, however has received specific training understanding the system of the marriage – that the individual becomes different in context of the marriage. As a Marriage & Family Therapist, Kimberly’s entire counselor education program was tailored to focus on understanding the unit or marriage (or family, relationship) as a whole.    

Kimberly uses an educational, directive and experiential approach to working with couples in order to help them solve problems, improve communication and build sexual and emotional intimacy in their marriage.  She first works to determine the needs of the couple, while listening for the stories that have led each partner to seek therapy. She follows up with skill building and education to help each partner communicate their story and then works with the couple to heal the wounds that have led to their relational problems. Although most of the sessions will involve both partners, the couple can expect some individual sessions throughout the process.

  • Communication 
  • Lack of emotional and physical intimacy (“I feel like we are roommates”) 
  • Conflict 
  • Affair and porn-use recovery 
  • Pre-Marital Counseling 
  • Individuals having difficulty in commitment and dating 
  • Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy 
  • Year-long internship in marital therapy clinic, Building Intimate Marriages (Suwanee, GA) 2009 
  • Prepare/Enrich Premarital, Marriage Assessment Facilitator 
  • Speaker/Listening communication skill-building trained 
  • National Institute of Marriage trained relational conflict tracking and repair 
  • Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO) – IFS with couples training and certification (pending) 
Whether or not you, or your spouse, are willing participants in therapy, you can still get started. Kimberly is trained to help you starting working on your goals today.  Get started today by filling out the comprehensive contact form.