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Dating Coaching

Serving All Residents of Tampa Bay and Online Throughout FL and WI

As a Marriage and Sex therapist, Kimberly is on the frontlines daily helping clients, and learning about, what makes relationships and marriages work.  With this experience, as well as her personal experience of dating for nearly 20 years, she is able to provide well-informed instruction to those individuals or groups looking to navigate dating in order to find a fulfilling and lasting love. Additionally, as a therapist, Kimberly is able to go deeper into the source of any issues that may be hindering your dating life and offer healing to get you back on track to a healthy relationship.

Date Coaching Packages

Jump Start - $400

4 - Virtual Dating Education Sessions (30 min each)
2 –Telephone dating feedback sessions (15 min each)

Comprehensive - $800

4 - Virtual Dating Education Sessions (30 min each)
2 –Telephone dating feedback sessions (15 min each)
6 - Virtual Monthly Check Ins (30 min each)

Group options also available.  Schedule Kimberly to come to your next Girl’s Night Out with friends to get the latest dating tips and have a fun Q&A before you put the tips into practice. 

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Kimberly will take you through a series of 30 minute online one-on-one lessons using psychological science and practical tools to guide your dating experience. 

Topics addressed during these sessions include:

  • Dating and Relationships – Two Different things
  • Am I Too Picky?
  • The Most Important Factor in Relationship Success
  • Is there such a thing as a Soul Mate?
  • How long to wait before we have sex?
  • Why do I not get a 2nd date?
  • Red Flags/ Yellow Flags and how to know the difference
  • Where to find love
  • How to attract the right partner online
  • Answer all of your psychological, relational and sexual questions


As a bonus, Kimberly will provide personal pre/post date feedback phone call sessions to support your specific dating experiences and will review your online dating profiles for feedback.

  • Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy 
  • Year-long internship in marital therapy clinic, Building Intimate Marriages (Suwanee, GA) 2009 
  • Prepare/Enrich Premarital, Marriage Assessment Facilitator 
  • Speaker/Listening communication skill-building trained 
  • National Institute of Marriage trained relational conflict tracking and repair 
  • Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO) – IFS with couples training and certification

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